Samus Aran on a strange Alien Planet Part 3 Full

This is the part 3 of Samus Aran on a Strange Alien planet. It involves other characters not only Samus Aran though. I finished this animation 1,5 years ago.

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Sound Warning:

Animation – Link1

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Post Apocalyptic and Lustful

This animation takes place in a post apocalyptic earth where most of the creatures became viral infected lustful monsters.

This is my lengthiest animation so far and it might even be my best, its over 8 minutes long and it can be found on Patreon Area and Videos sections of this Website or on my Patreon and SubscribeStar pages below:

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Credits for the audio:

Female Shepard and Miranda Lawson voices were done by Ame After Dark, and she can be found here:

Narator (POV guy Voices) were done by Ryan James:

I put two small animation segments from this movie here (Sound Warning):

Clothes Version:



Naked Version: