Samus Aran on a Strange Alien Planet Chapter2 Full Length

This is the part 2 (full version) of the Samus Aran on a Strange Alien Planet series. Its a 5 minute and 30 seconds animation.

Part 3 will also come soon.

For more animations like this one and other unseen videos check out the Patreon Area or Video sections of this website or my Patreon or SubscribeStar pages below:

Check it out (Sound Warning):

Animation – Link1

Animation -Link2

Animation -Link3

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3 years ago

Like the video, monsters needs to be more sexy , try tera online aman male x
Castanic female or high elf female or elin
Or DOA Girls

6 months ago
Reply to  Beebs

F off bro, a swarm of facehuggers are the most sexiest aliens

6 months ago

For those who don’t know what is happening to samus in the second scene is that while she is getting penetrated by the xenomorph the Venus flytrap kinda alien has tongue which goes inside her mouth to suck all of her energy. This makes it much more harder for samus to escape but sexy and hot for us