Samus Aran on a strange Alien Planet Part 3 Full

This is the part 3 of Samus Aran on a Strange Alien planet. It involves other characters not only Samus Aran though. I finished this animation 1,5 years ago.

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Sound Warning:

Animation – Link1

Animation – Link2

Animation – Link3

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1 year ago


8 months ago

She’s still stuck in the womb of that alien with facehuggers on her face

7 months ago

Bro if she had the facehugger on her face and got deepthroated with that alien parasites tongue that means she’s stuck with a facehugger in her womb while the parasites tongue is fucking her. Soooo sexyyyyyy. we need a part 4 asap in which more facehuggers enter the parasite and fucks her whole body

6 months ago

I wish I was in miranda’s position. I wouldn’t struggle at all. I would jus give up and wait for that monster to swallow me 👄. Would be great if I could get fucked inside the parasite by some facehuggers.

6 months ago

That feeling of getting swallowed by that parasite will give me an orgasm that’ll kill my testicles. Just imagine the slimy throat of the parasite must be so tight that when I’m getting swallowed I get squeezed into its belly becoz of all that sliminess. Then I wish I get tied even more into its belly and some facehuggers fuck my dick

6 months ago

I wish this guy made an animation on a guy being constrained by aliens and a facehugger fucks the guys dick. Like that would be so sexy

6 months ago

The 4th girl is amanda Ripley confirmed. She was the former queen of the aliens as she was the first human to reach tht planet. After the aliens found a beautiful bitch like samus they decided to give amanda punishment for not being the most beautiful woman. She is sentenced to facehugger swarm fuck which is being fucked in all parts including tits by the facehuggers. I feel bad becoz people jus forgot abt amanda Ripley. I mean the fact that she was alone in that island makes me feel tht she is fated to fuck 100s of aliens and… Read more »

6 months ago

I jus realised that it is impossible for Miranda to escape. The structure of that parasite is absolutely stunning becoz it has the insides that can only fit one human. The humanoid that fucked miranda’s butt happened becoz the parasite can open i small part of its belly which reveals miranda’s ass. Once this is closed Miranda is basically in a sleeping position becoz the insides are actually squeezing her. If she was sucked in the other way maybe she could’ve got away by pickaxing up to the top. But ig that is also impossible becoz her hands are tied.… Read more »